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OBML 2010 – 2. Workshop der GI-Fachgruppe Ontologien in Biomedizin und Lebenswissenschaften

Veranstaltung am 09.-10. September 2010, Mannheim, im Umfeld der GMDS 2010.




Ort und Zeit des Workshops


Ziele des Workshops

Der zweite Workshop der OBML-Fachgruppe verfolgt das Ziel, auf den Schwerpunkten des AK tätige Wissenschaftler zu einem Gedankenaustausch zu versammeln, neuere Ergebnisse zu diskutieren und Kooperationsbeziehungen anzuregen. Es sind vor allem Beiträge zu den folgenden Themen gesucht, wobei weitere Themen nicht ausgeschlossen sind:

Programm, Abstracts & Präsentationen

Session 1: Medical Informatics and Semantic Web 

  • [[ SBML2SMW: Bridging System Biology with Semantic Web Technologies for Biomedical Knowledge Acquisition and Hypothesis Elicitation]]
Toldo, LucaRequest
  • [[ An Ontological Implementation of a Role-Based Access Control Policy for Health Care Information]]
Cocos, Cristian[[ PPT]]
  • [[ Evaluating the Disparity between Active Areas of Biomedical Research and the Global Burden of Disease Employing Linked Data and Data-driven Discovery]]
Zaveri, Amrapali[[ PPT]]
  • [[ An Ontologically Founded Basic Architecture for Information Systems in Clinical and Epidemiological Research]]
Uciteli, Alexandr[[ PPT]]

Session 2: Formal Ontology

  • [[ Can a Hole Be Inflamed? On the Relation of Morphologic Abnormalities and Anatomical Cavities in SNOMED CT]]
Niggemann, Jörg[[ PPT]]
  • [[ Representing Dispositions]]
Röhl, Johannes[[ PPT]]
  • [[ Grains, Components and Mixtures in Biomedical Ontologies]]
Jansen, Ludger[[ PPT]]

Guest Talk

  • [[ Ontology of Measurement]]
Tegtmeier, Erwin[[ PPT]]

Session 3: Bio-Ontologies

  • [[ Anatomy Ontologies and Potential Users: Bridging the Gap]]
Travillian, Ravensara[[ PPT]]
  • [[ The Ontology of Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases (PIDs) – Using PIDs to Rethink the Ontology of Phenotypes]]
Adams, Nico[[ PPT]]
  • [[ A Classification of Existing Phenotypical Representations and Methods for Improvement]]
Oellrich, Anika[[ PPT]]
  • [[ Towards a Cellular Genealogical Tree Ontology]]
Herre, Heinrich[[ PPT]]

Session 4: Knowledge Representation and Description Logics

  • [[ Pre- and Postcoordination in Biomedical Ontologies]]
Schulz, Stefan[[ PPT]]
  • [[ Ontology Simplification: New Buzzword or Real Need?]]
Schober, Daniel[[ PPT]]
  • [[ A Generic Reification Strategy for n-ary Relations in DL]]
Grewe, Niels[[ PPT]]


  • [[ Ontology Matching: Past, Present, and Future]]
Stuckenschmidt, Heiner[[ PPT]]

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