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OBML 2010 – 2. Workshop of Ontologies in Biomedicine and Life Sciences

September 9–10, Mannheim, colocated with externer LinkGMDS 2010.



PDF DokumentProgram

Version: 08.09.2010

Version for printing: PDF DokumentPDF

(12:00 – 13:00)
(Getting together / Registration / Coffee)
13:00 – 13:20
H. Herre
Welcome Remarks
Session 1
Medical Informatics and Semantic Web (Chair: Frank Loebe)
13:20 – 13:45
L. Toldo
SBML2SMW: Bridging System Biology with Semantic Web Technologies for Biomedical Knowledge Acquisition and Hypothesis Elicitation
13:45 – 14:10
C. Cocos
An Ontological Implementation of a Role-Based Access Control Policy for Health Care Information
14:10 – 14:35
A. Zaveri
Evaluating the Disparity between Active Areas of Biomedical Research and the Global Burden of Disease Employing Linked Data and Data-driven Discovery
14:35 – 15:00
A. Uciteli
An Ontologically Founded Basic Architecture for Information Systems in Clinical and Epidemiological Research
15:00 – 15:20
Session 2
Formal Ontology (Chair: Robert Hoehndorf)
15:20 – 15:45
J. Niggemann
Can a Hole Be Inflamed? On the Relation of Morphologic Abnormalities and Anatomical Cavities in SNOMED CT
15:45 – 16:10
J. Röhl
Representing Dispositions
16:10 – 16:35
L. Jansen
Grains, Components and Mixtures in Biomedical Ontologies
16:35 – 17:00
17:00 – 18:00
E. Tegtmeier
Guest Talk: Ontology of Measurement
19:30 – ?
Session 3
Bio-Ontologies (Chair: Stefan Schulz)
09:30 – 09:55
R. Travillian
Anatomy Ontologies and Potential Users: Bridging the Gap
09:55 – 10:20
N. Adams
The Ontology of Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases (PIDs) – Using PIDs to Rethink the Ontology of Phenotypes
10:20 – 10:45
A. Oellrich
A Classification of Existing Phenotypical Representations and Methods for Improvement
10:45 – 11:10
H. Herre
Towards a Cellular Genealogical Tree Ontology
11:10 – 11:30
Session 4
Knowledge Representation and Description Logics (Chair: Heinrich Herre)
11:30 – 11:55
S. Schulz
Pre- and Postcoordination in Biomedical Ontologies
11:55 – 12:20
D. Schober
Ontology Simplification: New Buzzword or Real Need?
12:20 – 12:45
N. Grewe
A Generic Reification Strategy for n-ary Relations in DL
12:45 – 14:00
14:00 – 15:00
H. Stuckenschmidt
Keynote: Ontology Matching: Past, Present, and Future
15:00 – 16:00
(Working Group)
Open Discussion

PDF DokumentWorkshop Report

All accepted submissions were bundled into a workshop report. Participants will receive a printed copy at the workshop.

Download of the report:     PDF DokumentPDF     [1.3 MB]

Information regarding Participation

Location and Time


corresponding authors (acc. to easychair)registered by default (if necessary, please cancel)
co-authors (not corresponding, acc. to easychair)please register via email
interested parties (without a submission)please register via email

Contribution towards Expenses

For account data from within Germany, please see the German version of this page.
RecipientUniversität Mannheim
International Bank Account Number (IBAN)DE13 6005 0101 7496 5010 68
Bank Identification Code (BIC/SWIFT)SOLA DE ST
BankBaden-Wuerttembergische Bank
ReferenceBuchungsabschnitt (BA)
2603100609 (this is essential)
<<Provide the name of the participant>>
Unkostenbeitrag OBML 2010

If necessary, the contribution can be paid at the workshop.


Hotels close to the University of Mannheim

In principle, all hotels in the centre of Mannheim are ok.

Youth hostel

Call for Papers

Submission deadline Sun, 11.07.2010.

Location and Time of the Workshop

Goals of the Workshop

The second workshop of the OBML community aims at gathering people that work in the main areas of OBML for an exchange of ideas, the presentation of recent results and the stimulation of cooperation. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

The workshop extends over two days. The first day is devoted to ontologies, the second concerns tools and methods for ontology development and knowledge representation.

Important Dates

Submission of Papers Sun, Jul 11, 2010 (extended)
Thu, Jul 01, 2010
Notification Fri, Jul 30, 2010
Final version due Mon, Aug 16, 2010

Submitting a Paper and/or Participation

Papers for this workshop should comprise 2–4 pages and are to be submitted in English. The preferred submission format is PDF, while other file formats may be accepted (Open Office, Microsoft Word). Please use the corresponding template for submissions, either the DateiLaTeX template or the DateiMicrosoft Word Template.

Please externer Linksubmit via the Easy Chair conference system at externer Link .

Accepted contributions are provided for participants at the workshop. Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit an extended version of their contribution (5–7 pages) for a special issues of the externer LinkJournal of Biomedical Semantics.

(For registration and participation, please see the corresponding sections under “Information regarding Participation” above.)


Universität Mannheim
externer LinkBuilding B6, 26, Part A, Room A1.01


Heiner Stuckenschmidt: “Past, Present and Future of Ontology Matching”


Program Committee

Local Organization

Universität Mannheim, Department of Computer Science,
externer LinkKnowledge Representation and Knowledge Management Research Group:

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